District Videos

2020-2021 Team training workshops and the 2021 Rotary Conference video

District Videos

District Team Leaders will be holding online training workshops throughout 2020. Each workshop will be recorded and made available for later viewing as a You Tube Video, links which be posted on this page.

International Team Workshop:

Thursday 30 July 2020 - 6.30pm

Growing Rotary (Membership) Team Workshop:

Tuesday 18 August 2020 - 7pm

Public Image Team Workshop:

Tuesday 13 October 2020 - 6.30pm

Foundation Team Workshop:

Monday 2 November 2020 - 6.30pm

Reorganisation of Rotary Great Britain and Ireland:

Monday 07 December 2020 - 6.30pm

Rotary GB & I President Tom Griffin Addresses District 1190 Council:

Saturday 09 January 2021 - 10am

Community and Vocational Team Workshop:

Wednesday 20 January 2021 - 6.30pm

2021 District Conference Speakers:

Friday 19 March 2021 - RI Genral Secretary & Chief Executive John Hewko

Friday 19 March 2021 - Kevin Sinfield MBE

Saturday 20 March 2021 - DG Welma Robinson

Saturday 20 March 2021 - Jess Dandy "Songpath"

Saturday 20 March 2021 - Helen Dixon "1 Voice"

Saturday 20 March 2021 - Tony Quinn "Water Survival Box"

Saturday 20 March 2021 - Dave Heeley OBE "Blind Dave"

'What We Do' Main Pages:

It seems we may have poets amongst us. This page is for members to showcase their talents. No judgments, no prizes, just for the enjoyment.

Latest News - Keswick Rotary Club together with Churches Together in Keswick create new befriending service for the town and surrounding areas

Two’s Company Keswick is a befriending project which has been set up as a partnership between Churches Together in Keswick and Keswick Rotary Club, with support from Age UK West Cumbria.

President Colin and

Community Service and Raising Funds is at the heart of what Keswick Rotary club do.

Choche Coffee Growers Cooperative

International Projects

Keswick's Own Christmas Proms (KOCP) concert at the Theatre by the Lake - Always a good night out for all the family at Christmas

KESWICK ROTARY CLUB SUMMER FUNDRAISING We arrange two Charity concerts every year at the Theatre by the Lake, where the summer event is the main fundraiser as this normally features well known artists and Orchestras from London's West End Theatres.