Gowbarrow Walk and Rescue

Our wet Rotary walkers on Garrowbarrow Fell happened upon a distressed walker. Our anonymous poet captures the moment

Gowbarrow Summit

Five potter up Gowbarrow.

When we headed for Gowbarrow, up the side of Aira Force,

The weather was appalling, hardly fit e’en for a horse,

So Tony D was chosen leader, not a man who oft says “nay”,

And he trotted up the hillside, hurdling debris on his way.

Whilst the Force foamed white with frenzy, and the rocks ran wet with rills

As we tramped out from the forest, heading upwards to the hills,

Up the tracks which ran like torrents, winds so loud we could not hear,

But then our leader next was Rhona,- and we followed, to her rear.

But where were all our colleagues, when we 5 fought up that hill,

Wrapped up in our waterproofs, protected from the chill

Until we reached the summit, where the gale and hail hit hard-

Nearly whisked us off our feet, drove us all back ‘least a yard?

So we huddled by the cairn, covered ears against the din

Of the winds which rucked the whiskers round the dimples on Neil’s chin.

But still we bore the Rotary torch - on high, despite the storm

On behalf of 2 and 30 others, tucked up snug and snoring, warm,

Bedded still round Keswick, heeding nothing of the glory

Which would change this humble ditty to a celebrated story

Starring David, First Responder, and our well-respected talker,

For, when descending from the summit, we 5 happened on a walker

And his wife, who bravely held him, when he’d slumped into a torpor.

Like Horatio on the Tiber bridge, repelling all attackers, David stepped up to the plate

And, assessing all the factors, established what was needed, to protect the patient’s state.

Whilst Tony D set up his tent- crawled in to cradle patient, now much chilled,

We repulsed all other helpers-medic, nurse or doctor- irrespective of their skills,

Awaiting paramedics and the local MRT, to stretcher down the patient, thus relieving D&T.

As we tramped down from the fellside, and paddled for the loo,

Where a piddle brought us all relief, and coffee warmed us through,

The light by then was fading, and the moon was soon to rise,

But our Rotary torch was burning still in the pride in Rhona’s eyes!

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Gowbarrow Summit

Poets Corner

back It seems we may have poets amongst us. This page is for members to showcase their talents. No judgments, no prizes, just for the enjoyment.

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It seems we may have poets amongst us. This page is for members to showcase their talents. No judgments, no prizes, just for the enjoyment.

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