Litter Pickers 2

The Litter Pickers were out on the prowl again recently near Threlkeld

Litter Pickers Vol 2

We had a better class of picker when we pottered through the Vale,

With Borrowdale and Threlkeld nobs and one from Portinscale,

Meeting at the junction on the old road to Burns Farm,

And scouring all the circuit , including Tewit Tarn,

Which encompasses St Johns, The Nest and all the paths around,

The Keswick road to Ambleside, the Stones, and nearby ground.


There was very little litter on the paths towards St Johns,

But cans and cups and clutter, which we teased out with our tongs;

And Tony Duncan’s knowledge of the corners near the walls

Where the stiles created places which are perfect for the calls

Of Nature on the hikers, with their weak and ageing bladders,

Marked by piles of tell-tale tissues at the bottom of the ladders.


The clutter from the gutter of the busy 591

Is a comment on the drivers dumping rubbish on their run,

As is also all the muck and mire which scars below The Nest,

Where the UU pipeline snakes across from Thirlmere to the West.

But, though the masses picnicked in the circle by the Stones,

The lolly-licking loiterers left us little cause for moans,

So we ambled in the sunshine to our cars along the lane,

And headed, happy, homewards, having cleared some’s crap again.

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Litter Pickers Vol 2

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